These are reviews from actual customers of North Shore Power Electronics, LLC.

April 17, 2023

5stars 5/5


After numerous calls to other services in the region, most said to buy a new generator. I have a 40 k unit that has a history of being a lemon. it was installed in 2004 and has low hours. The unit always had some issues since new. After Dave at North Shore Power Electronics was contacted…he spent the time to service the unit and fixed a bad ground. The generator never ran better ..thank you to the guy who should be your first phone call. Don’t waste your time elsewhere.

-Captain, Huntington, NY

February 24, 2023

5stars 5/5

Generator busted, call Northshore Power!

I have nothing but great things to say about Dave and Northshore Power. Showed up on time, kept in touch to confirm appointment and arrival time, and knows his stuff! Was kind enough to let me watch him work and educate me about my Generac. Be assured, you’re picking the right man for your generator job!

-Dwa0209, Hauppauge, NY

October 15, 2022

5stars 5/5

This dealer goes above and beyond!

Dave, the dealer has been undeniably ,
fabulous with trying to service this bottom of the line Generator for me. He has serviced the little lemon since the last dealer went out of business and I’m fortunate for the referral.

-Jenna, Port Washington, NY


February 8, 2022

5stars 5/5

Dave at North Shore is the best!

2 weeks ago, during this cold January in Huntington, I had a major catastrophe with my Generac 22K generator, a severe engine knock. Dave was responsive and on point, he ran the engine and diagnosed the problem. Unfortunately the whole engine needed replacement. He handled the warranty end with Generac and within 2 weeks we were up and running again. He even went out of his way to follow up several times with a call/text and drop me off some spare fuses for the auto switch. If your looking for an honest regular guy (hard to come by these days) you will not be disappointed with him. He will be servicing my machine for years to come. Thanks Dave!

-GD, Huntington, NY

November 30, 2021

5stars 5/5

good service and good price

Dave is amazing! Beside doing the maintainent, he even taught me a lot of knowledge how to maintain the machine to save money. He is such nice and responsive. Strongly recommend.

-Sha8, Great Neck, NY

September 8, 2021

5stars 5/5


Dave is absolutely the most reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable Generator man around! He is fairly priced and if you need him, he’ll be there! Thanks Dave for everything!

-Greg, Sands Point, NY

January 30, 2021

5stars 5/5

Exceptional service

Dave from North Shore Power has been incredibly reliable over the years. Ever since we got our generator (6 years ago) he has contacted me every year to do a maintenance check. We had an issue with our generator right after the warranty expired. Dave got on the phone with Generac and was able to get them to honor my warranty even though we were past the expiration date. He has gone above and beyond for us, even coming to service the generator at night with a head lamp during a power outage to ensure that my kids would be able to have WiFi for remote school the next day. I would highly recommend North Shore Power to anyone with a generator.

-JH, Manhasset, NY

January 13, 2021

5stars 5/5

Dr. Dave is the man!

Dr. Dave is the man to service your Generac!
He is responsive, very knowledgeable and will try to help you save a buck and not waste your hard earned dollars on unnecessary work.
I recommend you call him with any issues you are having with your generator.

-Peter,Old Brookville, NY

December 28, 2020

5stars 5/5

Dave is great.

After being given a major run around from another company after a bad storm in August, Dave came to my rescue immediately. He was able to not only come to my house almost immediately to check out my generator, he was also able to replace the cover which was damaged by a fallen tree. He is always available and conducts himself in a most professional manner. I would highly recommend North Shore Power.


-Molly , Huntington, NY

December 21, 2020

5stars 5/5

north shore power really helped me.

I purchased this extended warranty from Generac for around 900 dollars..
I called almost the whole list of authorized repair dealers Generac has on their list only to find out that Generac does not pay them enough and that I would have to make up the difference..Well that’s not what I signed up for when I purchased their extended warranty.. Then I spoke with Dave the owner of north shore power who was great.. He called me back with updates when he could possibly get to my generator ..His is located not near me but was able to help getting me in touch with a repair service and fix my problem all cover under cost out of my pocket like so many other places wanted to charge..north shore power really cares about people I give them 5 stars…

-8175 , NY


December 15, 2020

5stars 5/5


When other companies turned me away because they were too busy. Dave at North shore power was very kind, patient and helpful. He walked me through how to re-set my generator and offered to send out someone for service the following week.

-Cathryn, NY

February 25th, 2020

5stars 5/5

All I hoped for and more! Excellent service!

If looking for an experienced, talented and honest person to service your generator, Dave at North Shore Power is ALL THAT and more. His expertise and skill at his craft was obvious to me from the start, but it was his determination to find a solution and get the generator up and running that really impressed me. In nasty cold weather, he just hung in there and fixed my unit. I highly recommend North Shore Power!

-Dean from Great Neck, NY

January 9th, 2020

5stars 5/5

Dave is the best!

How refreshing, finally, an honest, friendly, responsive, courteous and knowledgeable service professional, you just don’t find that too often these days, I highly recommend them. I was having problems with my generator, I called them on a Sunday, they actually answered their phone, we scheduled an appointment for the next day, they showed up exactly on time did was needed to be done, didn’t try to up-sell, shockingly fair price.

-GregB from Huntington, NY

June 16th, 2019

5stars 5/5

Best service provider in the area!

I purchased my generator several years ago and understand the importance of maintenance.
I made an appointment and they called prior to the appointment and showed up on time. They serviced the unit and then followed up to make sure all was running well. After every power outage, my genny runs without a hitch. Whenever I need North Shore Power to check on the unit after running through several power outages, they respond immediately. They are very reliable, and I feel so secure knowing my generator will also always be reliable. Extremely pleased with the service from them.

-DStriker from Huntington, NY

June 6th, 2019

5stars 5/5

Best service co I’ve had

I contacted North Shore Generators at the recommendation of a friend since I was turned off by the very expensive maintenance contracts with many requirements and exclusions that were offered by other dealers. I have been very satisfied by the service that Dave has provided. He is available by phone or text if I have a question and has even called to follow-up afterward.

-Linnie from Huntington, NY

June 4th, 2019

5stars 5/5

Highly recommended

This co. Is the most responsive I’ve ever dealt with. They go above and beyond to give me assurance and comfort that the generator will function as needed. They are knowledgeable,responsive and a pleasure to do business with.

-TMS from Port Washington, NY

February 28, 2019

5stars 5/5


I’d give him 10 stars if I could. Dave was able to repair our generator when our other dealer had no clue whatsoever. He even helped us get Generac to help pay for some of the labor and parts.
In short, Dave is a gifted mechanic, hardworking, trustworthy, smart, and caring. You will not regret hiring him.

-FussBudget from Huntington, NY

February 3, 2019

5stars 5/5


Dave called me on Christmas Eve when my generator circuit panel failed.Not only was I impressed with that but he continued to follow up on the parts arrival and when he could set an appointment to do the repair.He arrived on time and I immediately felt comfortable.Not only did he prove his expertise in his field but explained everything while I laughed the whole time at his jokes.He is an honest and sincere man that takes pride in his work.I recommend highly him without reservation.


-Lou from Dix Hills, NY

January 7, 2019

5stars 5/5


Customers hit the trifecta with Dave from North Shore Power Electronics. He is very professional, knows his stuff, and is very friendly and accommodating to customers. He stays in touch to make sure your generator is working well, makes suggestions about maintenance and upkeep, and is very accessible for questions.

Highly recommend; no need to go anywhere else.
-Jeff from North Belmore, NY

November 29, 2018

5stars 5/5

Dave is personable as well as knowledgeable.
After a brief description on the phone he was able to correctly diagnose and fix the problem with my generator upon arrival. He was honest and saved me a generator replacement that I was told I needed by another repair shop!
– Dnorthport from Northport, NY

January 3, 2018

5stars 5/5


Always on time. Great work. Follows up every day, for at least a week, to make sure is ok. Returns calls ASAP. Honest, just GREAT all around. You won’t find better.
– John Camel from Huntington, NY

November 10, 2016

5stars 5/5


Dave Kandell (North Shore Power Electronics) is the best when dealing with generators. He truly knows generators, extremely easy to work with, and explains what he is doing. I have learned a lot from him on how to best maintain my generator. In addition, he is honest and very reasonably priced. Owning a generator is a big responsibility and he really gives me peace of mind. I highly recommended this business!

– LAS54 from Huntington, NY

September 4th, 2016

5stars 5/5


I have been through 2 companies to service my generator within 3 years. By finding North Shore and Dave Kandell he serviced my problem and also found a very bad problem that the last company caused which could have ruined the appliances in my house!…Talk about a major future problem. Since I have been familiar with other service companies that are usually plumbers, there was always some excuse why they could not come in an emergency, like “We don’t have the kit for service, and have to order it”. Well that tells me they really don’t service generators. Dave actually changed his schedule to come to me earlier than scheduled, which was for me a last minute emergency call before an approaching storm.
If you want a generator specialist with knowledge and the honesty, call North Shore and Dave Kandell. In today’s ineffectual service world, this was a refreshing, fair priced, and enlightening experience. AWESOME!

– Frank from Valley Stream, NY

August 8, 2016

5stars 5/5


How lucky I was to find Dave and North Shore Power Electronics. My 14 year-old generator finally gave up the ghost, and Dave was able to locate a slightly used replacement unit for a good price. He oversaw the installation and everything went very smoothly. I’m now up and running again and eagerly awaiting the next storm. Dave combines the qualities you want in a service person – he’s honest, knowledgeable , dependable and a good communicator. Plus, he’s a nice guy who really does have YOUR best interests at heart. I would totally recommend Dave and North Shore with no hesitation.

– townwizard from Huntington, NY


June 27, 2016

5stars 5/5


I was blown away at how great this company was. It was 100% clear they were looking out for my best interests and really cared about me as a customer. We had a software issue come up with the generator and they came to fix it within moments. Can’t say enough good things.

– DrMichaelC44 from Huntington, NY


February 2, 2016


He serviced my generator before the big storm. He found a problem and fixed it.
He was professional, patient. Explained everything to me like I’m am five.
Will refer him to all my friends.

-KIngsley from Manhasset, NY.


December 14, 2015

5stars 5/5


Was very pleased,Excellent Service Provided, very knowledgable

Greg123 from Merrick – New York


October 13, 2015

5stars 5/5


We had located North Shore Power Electronics through Generac’s web site. Dave came to our house yesterday and repaired our generator. He was very knowledgeable and friendly and fixed the issue. It turns out the electrician that installed the unit did not wire a battery charger properly. My wife and I were very happy with our choice of service companies. Will definitely call Dave with any future generator issues.

MSull38 from NY – New York


December 2, 2014

5stars 4.9/5


Dave was very helpful in getting an old generac whole home generator up and working at my new house. I am generally very handy and he was very informative and helpful in getting the generator functioning. Dave went out of his way to walk me through the repairs. I have no hesitation in using the company again for service and sales.

EMSK from West Islip


October 28, 2014

5stars 5/5


They fixed my generator right away. The repair was covered by the warranty so I didn’t have to pay anything. They did all the required paperwork. I didn’t have to do anything. They followed up with me, after the repair, to make sure my generator was still working properly. I strongly recommend you call them.

Don from Bayville, NY


August 6, 2014

5stars 5/5
Hooray for North Shore Power Electronics!!!

I am so pleased to have found North Shore Electronics for my generac generator!!! I was so distraught that my new generac generator was not working and my husband and I had no idea why!!! We were sooooo frustrated and then came Dave to the rescue!!! Dave was very knowledgeable about generators and was able to diagnose the problem immediately!! Dave was efficient, professional, courteous and reliable! And he makes home visits!!! Perfect!!! And the best part is that our generator has been working like a dream ever since Dave fixed it!!!! Not only that, but all we need to do is press the start button!!! Really, really easy to operate now for us and it was Dave who made all the difference!!! We can not thank him enough!! When I asked Dave if we had any problems would he be available…. his answer was of course!!!What more could we ask for… a generator that now works and Dave who makes house calls in the event of a problem!!! I can only give Dave a most excellent review…and if there is a higher review than that…. he deserves it too!!! Most sincerely…… Barbara K

barbarak from Westbury, New York


December 13, 2013

5stars 5/5
Excellent service, prompt, and efficient.

You won’t find a more qualified and proficient service person. Highly recommended.

Al K. from Centerport, NY


December 7, 2013

5stars 5/5
Beyond my expectations.

The technician arrived on time and knew the generac generator inside and out. He was friendly and very informed about the product. He could have just left after fixing the problem, but instead he waited to make sure my battery was charging properly. I feel lucky to have found someone that I can trust my maintenance to. I like the Generac generator and it’s features and it’s good looking design.

VC from Hicksville, NY


December 6, 2013

5stars 5/5
Terrific service

Had a generator problem called dealer he came right on time diagnosed problem and fixed it did a great job .he checked back the next day just to make sure everything was ok which it was would highly reccomend him

fred r from Oyster Bay, NY


October 2, 2013

5stars 5/5
Dave to the Rescue

After using our generator for 12 days straight after hurricane sandy (oct. 2012) our generator went caput! after thinking the repair would be costly it turned out to be an oil change. that was the first time we used dave. the second time (other than regular upkeep) dave had a bigger issue to deal with. since there are many parts that can falter it was a process of elimination that our generator has been confidently fixed. dave is polite, clean, timely, and CAN fix any problem. highly recommended.

RG from Jericho, NY


September 27, 2013

5stars 5/5
Very responsive and knows the machines

I first got in touch w Dave at NS Power during Sandy, and he was very helpful at a time when everyone was swamped with work as well as their own troubles. More recently we discovered a board problem during a routine maintenance and he was able to diagnose and fix it efficiently. Dealt with Generac on my behalf and all is good.

rk from Westbury, NY

September 16, 2013

5stars 5/5
Excellent service.

My Generac generator was installed by my plumber and electrician. Unfortunately, after installation, I discovered they were not prepared to provide instruction or service. But they did recommend Dave. Lucky me. Dave is patient, professional, and knowledgeable. He also makes himself available. He is a pleasure to do business with and I have no reservations in recommending him. You will be very pleased.

PJ from Port Washington, NY


August 23, 2013

5stars 5/5
Couldn’t find a better dealer!

David is both technically and ably well suited to this profession. he is well mannered and helpful which is appreciated. He is prompt, returns calls and is willing to go the extra mile. you could not find a more competent technician or all around nice guy. I hop he remains in this profession, as he would be hard to replicate.

Dick from Huntington, NY



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